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Revolve Women's Health

Physical, Energetic and Spiritual Health Care for Women


Meet Jazmin

Jazmin offers botanical remedies, natural health alternatives to pharmaceuticals and specialized, therapeutic bodywork that roots women deeper into their feminine energy and vitality.

Hi there! I am a women's natural health provider, physical therapist and herbalist practicing integrative hormone, pelvic and abdominal therapy.  My practice utilizes therapeutic body work rehabilitative movement, herbal medicines, specialized lab testing and energetic and spiritual natural health practices to nurture women naturally and support their health, beauty, vitality and vibrancy throughout the primary transformations of womanhood - the menstrual cycle, motherhood and menopause. ​


The work I offer is designed to both resource and give women options beyond what's often presented and available in the current medical and health care systems.  In my work with women, we explore both natural, energetic and traditional healing practices in combination with exciting, alternative and progressive treatments  in women's health and healing to create freedom and empowerment.


Through my own personal healing path and years of continuous study and mentorship, I have been blessed to learn with a variety of wonderful bodywork and alternative health teachers, herbal medicine elders, and mentors that continue to support my own evolution, practice and the work I bring and share with women. These are a few of the primary trainings and certifications that currently inform my practice:


-Doctorate in physical therapy from Chapman University

-Tami Lynn Kent's, Holistic Pelvic Care™ training

-Lynn Schulte's Institute for Birth Healing- Care for the Pregnant Body Course

-Polestar Pilates comprehensive Rehab training- 

-The Gyrotonic Method™ foundational training and current apprenticeship

-Current mentorship with INNATE's Postpartum Care training-


I also have an eclectic health and herbal medicine training background that has developed my holistic practice and work with women including:

-Foundation training in Functional Medicine with IFM

-Bio-identical hormone consultant training -

-Herbal apprenticeship with my mentor Phyllis D. Light  in addition to courses and study with Margi Flint and Matthew Wood

-Medical astrology training with Judith Hill and courses and mentorship with Kira Sutheralnd.


Lastly, I practice and teach a variety of pelvic health meditations and spiritual health practices, classes and women's group courses that empower women to reconnect with and remember their innate creativity, sexuality, power, gifts and natural ability to heal and transform. 


Revolve Women's Health is the ever evolving home of my offerings, gifts and work.  I look forward to meeting, sharing space with you and guiding you into the energy of empowerment as we root deeper into our essence as women together. 

Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy

Women's Health Offerings & Services

If you interested in Medical Astrology Health Remedy Readings please click the  here:





All offerings are available both in person in and tele-health  for those out of area. 

Full Moon Hormone & Pelvic Health Care Consultations:
Hormone and Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Testing with natural hormone, pelvic & menstrual balancing treatment plans for your feminine health, fertility & vitality

Our sex hormones, mineral status, thyroid, adrenal, pelvic and menstrual health gives us insight into the health of our entire physical and energetic feminine system and learning to properly care for our womanly health and connect with the gifts and powers of our menstrual cycle, reproductive system and hormones teaches us about the multifaceted and flowing nature of being a woman and the care we will need to thrive both during the postpartum period and in the peri-menopause/menopause transitions with grounded confidence.  

In these consultations, available both in person and via telehealth, we will explore natural care options to balance pelvic, abdominal, hormone (thyroid/ sex hormones / adrenal status) or menstrual concerns you may be experiencing.  Our aim will be to discover any imbalances physically, energetically and spiritually that may be a factor and we will use natural or herbal supplementation, practices, movements and/or body work as alternatives to prescriptions, birth control and synthetic hormones for healing. 

Remedies may include: herbal medicines, natural vitamins/supplements, therapeutic exercises,  movements and self-care practices, pelvic floor and vaginal health remedies, nutrition and dietary remedies and more.

*Hormone testing and HTMA testing  is available and may be recommended. 

Pre & Postpartum Holistic Body Care 

Receiving specialized body, pelvic and belly care pre and postpartum or after birth loss provides physical, emotional and spiritual support, resourcing and full body health fortification for our womanhood and wellbeing moving forward for remainder of our lives.  


During pregnancy we will use all natural remedies, body care, exercises and herbal medicines (on an as needed basis) to support the pelvis, balance all physical and energetic changes occurring, prepare for labor and relieve any pain or discomfort experienced throughout the pregnancy. We will also spend time planning for healing the postpartum period.


Postpartum care is based around the principles of proper rest, warmth, nourishment/nutrition, pelvic and belly therapy and traditional healing treatments.  Care sessions are typically given in the home post birth.  You will receive gentle therapeutic exercises and breathing techniques for belly and pelvic floor healing, bodywork to support the belly, spine and pelvis , traditional herbal care treatments and  the option to plan a "closing of the bones" ceremony at the end of the 40 day postpartum period. 

Holistic Pelvic Care™ & Women's Health Physical Therapy Sessions

Physical therapy, Pilates-based rehabilitative movement and natural health remedies are available for women experiencing imbalance, pain or injury in their body, belly or pelvis.  This work can include therapeutic external body care and internal pelvic floor manual therapy 


In addition to specialized bodywork and therapeutic exercise my practice is holistic and sessions also include herbal medicine recommendations, vitamin/mineral supplementation and lifestyle practices to optimize the healing process. 

Commonly seen concerns include (but are not limited to): digestive issues, constipation/bowel concerns, incontinence/bladder imbalances, pelvic organ prolapse, postpartum care and healing, UTI's and bladder pain syndromes, interstitial cystitis, healing from pelvic injuries or trauma, recurrent yeast infections, imbalances and pain impacting sexuality and sensuality, women's post-surgical healing (or support to prevent one), back, hip, knee or other joint pain limiting movement and vitality.


Jazmin is THE BEST!! When I found her, I was a mess! I had digestion issues, pain in my liver/gallbladder area and hadn't had a period in over a year. I went to multiple drs for months and nothing was changing. After just 1 visit with Jazmin I had results! I was mind blown with how quickly things continued to improve after each visit with her. I've never had an appointment like hers. Jazmin is the sweetest! She genuinely cares about what she's bringing to the world and I can't thank her enough for that. I highly recommend her for everyone! Seeing her was life changing for me

— Crystal L.


I prefer to keep appointment scheduling intimate and personalized vs using an electronic booking system. 
For inquiries, questions or to book an appointment please reach out below so we can connect

Thank you! I will be in touch soon.

Contact Info


Phone (call/text)

+1 270-705-9172


In-person office locations:

-Mayfield and Paducah, KY

-Miami, Florida (Aventura)- home visits only


 *Tele-health video sessions are always available 

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