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Medical Astrology Readings for Women

Cosmic Body . Cosmic Woman

"As above, so below. This is the miracle of the One"

Astrological Medicine & Your Feminine Health

In these special sessions together, we will explore your natal birth chart and the planetary and cosmic influences that play a role in your physical and energetic health constitution and the development of health projects you have this life such as:  injuries, accidents, chronic conditions, hormone health,  fertility, pelvic and belly concerns, digestion, etc.  Your astrology chart not only tells a story of your health and your innate elemental, physical and energetic needs, but also reveals the natural remedies most aligned for your body for any afflictions, imbalances or health concerns at play and gives us insight into  practices that can improve your vital force and support any body systems or organs that may be under stress. The chart also provides us with  important future energetic dates that can support healing for any health projects you may be currently working on.   It is an option to add on a review of your monthly astrological "fertility dates" in order to support your creativity, provide improved natural birth control options or for preconception planning.  


Your personal astrological birth chart serves as a health blueprint and resource for restoring harmony, energy and light in the body so that the body may heal itself.  We will explore using natural healing remedies that are best suited to your individual constitution, physical body, energetics, and elemental needs to support constitutional health weaknesses, strengthen your innate vitality and life force and remedy areas of current depletion/stress. 

These readings can be utilized by  all women looking to connect more deeply to their female health in relation to the Cosmos in order to understand their divine connection with the Whole.  It is our birthright as women to cultivate and connect more deeply with our own bodies through the Cosmic Spirits of the sky.

Morphing Shape

Cosmic Body Reading Details & Booking

These readings are held over video conference from the comfort of your home for 1 hour.   You do not need to have any previous knowledge of astrology to participate, enjoy and feel empowered (and excited) about the information you will learn about yourself during our time together!   We will spend time exploring and connecting your women's health concerns and journey with your natal birth chart and the primary planetary health influences at play and then will review natural health remedies, important upcoming dates for healing and holistic practices that can be implemented immediately moving forward for better health.


  You will receive a written remedy summary/protocol after our meeting so that you have a reference from our session and the recommendations made.  My aim is to empower you with knowledge of self and your health that you can utilize for the rest of your life. 

With my background as an alternative women's health practitioner, herbalist and holistic physical therapist I focus on sharing natural remedies that may include: herbal medicines, nutritional therapies, therapeutic exercises/activities, cell salts, flower/solar/lunar essences, functional lab testing recommendations,  GEM remedies (tinctures, water, jewelry) Yoni steam herbal blends, energetic and pelvic healing meditations and/or other healing lifestyle health practices

Pricing: $225.00 USD 

held over video conference for 1 hour - includes a written protocol of your plan and remedies for your reference after our time together

BOOKING- As I prefer to work intimately with clients, I do not take virtual bookings. Please email me by clicking below and share briefly your interest and any questions and we will select a date and time for your reading together. 

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