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Holistic Hormone Health Consultations

Thyroid, Menstrual Cycle Imbalances and/or Hormonal Support in the Full Moon Time of life

  • 1 h
  • In person or remote

Service Description

In our initial session we will explore the hormone symptoms, imbalances and concerns that you are experiencing and how they are impacting your life physically, emotionally and energetically. We will spend time talking and I will perform a body reading (face/tongue/nail and/or movement evaluation) to assess for any digestive imbalances, and we will create a foundational plan of natural remedies, lifestyle practices, and herbal/dietary recommendations to begin restoring your health, hormone balance and natural essence and beauty and explore the powers and gifts of whatever phase of womanhood that you may be in. If you are interested to work with natural bio-identical hormones as part of your journey (optional) I can recommend you options and refer to programs for safe use and proper testing as well as review the pros and cons to help you navigate and decide if BHRT may be right for you. It is VERY important before beginning bio-identical hormones to prepare appropriately with proper physical, lifestyle and health changes to optimize outcomes and fully receive benefits and to prevent overtaxing your body and depleting your energy system for those who choose the route of bio-identical hormone replacement. We will also discuss a variety of options available for hormone, thyroid and adrenal lab testing if desired -- *lab testing is never required to work together

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