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Holistic Body & Pelvic Therapy Services

Body, belly, pelvic and postpartum healing support

  • 1 h 15 min
  • In-person and remote sessions

Service Description

For those interested in booking therapeutic and holistic bodywork sessions for any bodily injury, imbalance, postpartum care or with any pelvic concerns, pain, leakage, menstrual cycle imbalance/pain, prolapse or injuries in the body, pelvis, pelvic floor muscles, bladder, vagina, back, hips and/or belly. *Many women also utilize these sessions as preventative health sessions or to connect more deeply with their root and inner wisdom when navigating any challenging life situations. They can be used as a bi-annual or annual pelvic, vaginal, pelvic floor and womb health check in or simply to receive nurturing, feminine care that should be apart of every woman's life and routine. You do not have to have any particular issue to come see me and enjoy this care and space that we create together. *These sessions - including pelvic healing and pelvic floor concerns- are also available remotely for those who prefer to do sessions in the comfort of their home with a focus on resources available to them beyond what the medical industry typically offers, External work, self internal work (when appropriate or desired) and plenty exercises for and breath work for healing. Our sessions are holistic in nature and consider mind, body and spirit in order to bring you support & create a foundation for radiant pelvic health and healing using natural treatments such as: therapeutic and meditative body work, rehabilitative movements and gentle breath-work, herbal and flower healing remedies and topical healing oils, yoni steaming, external and internal healing pelvic floor and vaginal massage* (*internal work is completely optional and never required and self-releases and self massage are also taught for those interested or that are doing sessions remotely). Sessions typically last 60-75 minutes and are often scheduled for 1-2x/month when actively healing or as needed- we will decide together during our session what honors you and your body best. **As my approach and view on healing is quite unique and integrative including: energetic, nutritional, and/or herbal remedies in addition to therapeutic bodywork and rehabilitative movement- they are very complimentary and can beautifully supplement any other traditional physical therapy or healthcare you may be engaged with in your journey. ​

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